The best Hungarian Tv shows

If you read one of my articles already you must have seen that my english is not that good and that is because it is my second language and actually Hungarian is my mother language. So I thought why not write an article about really great Hungarian Tv shows, these selected few are not necessarily my favourite shows. Later on there will be an article about ‘The best Hungarian Tv shows for teenagers’ too.

Aranyélet / Golden Life is probably our best known series it is about a successful businessman with a seemingly perfect family. His wife volunteers a lot to help the homeless people, his daughter is a perfect student and even his son the family’s black sheep, has potential to be great. BUT and there is always a but. The only reason they can live like this cuz Miklósi Attila the head of the family, participates in minor and major crimes. When Miklósi decides he wants to be a good person, the idyll soon fades into darkness. available here

Csak színház és más semmi / Just Theatre and nothing else What is behind the red curtains and spotlight? A cold war zone with intrigue, love and jealousy, professional envy on and off-stage.
A play writer who can’t write, the Theatre director who is trying to save the Theatre no matter the price, a famous diva and her husband are in their divorce process.
New stars rise and old lover come back to meet again between the walls of the Theatre. You can see everything from the rehearsal to premiere. The show most go on, no matter the price.
Personally I think that this is one of the best Hungarian series, so if you can check it out.

available here :

A Társas játék / When Shall We Kiss Some days, it would be better not to get up and when a careless cyclist hits Léna, the ambitious young creative director, feels just like that. David, the once aspiring, successful marketing guru who is now a proud bike shop owner, can’t feel the same way, it is a great day for him, cuz although the girl can’t remember they once were classmates and David was in love with her.
After the accident there first date ends in disaster and everything ends before anything really could start.
It seems like in Budapest everybody is looking for love and everybody runs away from love at the same time but inside the old houses in the city there is more opportunity than meets the eye at first. available here

A mi kis falunk / Our little village The series shows the hilarious everyday life of a small village with amusing characters like the fish-lover-businessman mayor, his cultural warrior assistant, a bodybuilder priest and his veterinarian father who is the doctor in the neighborhood. A sexy bartender, blockhead policeman and a playboy football coach. available here: ,

Terápia /  IN TREATMENT shows the hidden side of psychotherapy , the story focuses on the charming psychologist, András and his five patients. On Mondays András’ old patient Laura arrives and ask for help about her sex problems; on Tuesdays the alpha male high-ranking businessman, Matthew visits. Every Wednesday, the 16-year-old gymnast Zsófi comes for therapy; and on Thursdays, the couple visits the clinic. On Fridays, András visits his former teacher and mentor, Ágnes to ask for help. It soon turns out that the seemingly successful and happy father of two is tormented by internal insecurities. available here

Válótársak / Divorce partners Thought you were happily married but suddenly you receive the divorce papers. Three freshly single guys’, a real-estate agent, a mechanic and a businessman move together to the same house in Budapest, whilst each of them tries to fix his relationship with the ex.

Korhatáros szerelem / Age-restricted love Families come in all shapes and sizes Dávid, a 24-year-old finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams and her three kids. The show is a light-hearted, feel-good family drama which demonstrates one of the realities of modern life – that families come in all different shapes and sizes. In this series, home is where the heart is – even if that home is crammed full of kids, teenagers, ex-mother-in-laws and hangers-on. source

Munkaügyek / The Office A dysfunctional office faces hilarious obstacles in this Hungarian rendering of “The Office”

Ízig-vérig / Cook and Blood It is a well-known saying to never change on a winning team! András and Éva were winning team. A brilliant chef and an experienced store manager created one of the best restaurants in the country. The couple has become a true gastronomic legend. But what happens if a third person enters the game?


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