Not so ordinary models

We all see model perfectly posing everywhere we go, they all really beautiful, and all look similar, but right now we should talk about the diordinary models, the special ones, the different ones, the scary ones. At firths, they were called ugly, but the couldn’t change so they changed the world around them and now they all considered as beautiful.

Madeline Stuart

The 22-year-old girl with down-syndrome is now known and loved by hundreds of thousands. Madeline had a childhood dream was to become a model. Her dream came true at the age of 18: Madeline was asked to wear Manifesta’s fitness suit and be there campaign face. The Australian girl needed to lose 19 pounds for the jobs, which she happylie did, and itt was a really great move from her, cuz not much after the sport campaign she was given a chance to perform at the New York Fashion Week. Since then Madeline been asked by many famous magazines and brands for a photoshoot. She is a game changer in every way and hpefull we will she her more and more in campaign.

” World’s 1st Super model with D.S, NO.1 game changer FORBES mag, walked the past 6 seasons NYFW, PFW, LFW. ”

Shaun Ross

Probably many of you are familiar with his face, yes he is 28 years old Shaun Ross and why did he become so famous? Not only because he is an African-American albino, but also because his facial bone is more asymmetrical than usual. He started his career at 16 and since then you could see him in Vogue Italian, British-GQ, Paper and Another Man, but has also appeared in Kathy Perry’s, Beyonce’s and Lana Del Rey’s video clips, and even launched his own campaign called InMySkinIWin, what was about self-love and imperfection, with incredible success. This year Ax also chose it as the face of advertising. Lately, Shaun started singing.

Winnie Harlow

Shaun’s good friend, Winnie Harlow the Canadian beauty was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of four, the disease caused her skin to lose its melanin content and white spots started appearing on her body. As a child, she was bullied a lot, her schoolmates called her a cow, and because of her constant mockery, she was considering suicide. Winnie changed schools many times. Finally, her facebook page changed her life, cuz somebody found her pictures and called Winnie to appear in a video clip. After she realized that people truly find her beautiful submitted into Tyra Banks’s America’s Next Top Model show, and though she soon fell out, she still gained a huge reputation. Since then, Harlow has inspired and superstitious dozens of photographers. She was chosen to be Desigual’s face some years ago. Winnie also joined Shaun’s InMySkinIWin campaign.

Erika Ervin ( Eve)

Erika Ervin, with her ‎6 ft 8 3⁄4 in, she is the tallest female model in the world. Erika started her modelling career on the front page of Zoo Weekly magazine. She has also worked as an assistant and personal trainer. Eve was always tall as a child, by the age of 14, she had grown above her classmates and teachers. Over the next 5 years, Eve’s growth was terribly painful, and only stopped at age 19 and reached its present height 2,05 m. Eve was discovered in 2009, as an actress, she received smaller and larger roles in the American Horror Story. And in 2011, she was included in the Guinness World Records, as the highest model.

Melanie Gaydos

Melanie Gaydos thanks to herself and her persistence, found a way to break into the high fashion world, despite the fact that most agencies said ‘no’ to her. The real change in her life happened when moved to New York to study arts. Melanie met many artists, and many of them asked her to set model for them. The first few photos quickly revealed that he had a serious affinity for posing, and the photographers were amazed by her work ethic, so she decided to try to make the most out of modelling. She starred in Rammstein’s ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ clip, and has been d photographed in Europe, Mexico and the Americas. The real breakthrough didn’t happen, because unlike photographers, agencies repeatedly refused to work with her, but it is there lost, not Melanie’s because she is doing a really great job managing herself. And judging by her follower on facebook and Instagram people wanna see her, and her sweet personality just shines through many of her pictures.


How to save trees by searching the web?

Nowadays many people care about environment protection, and still it seems like tilting at windmills. It dosen’t matter if we select the trash, the damage we caused to earth, hardly can be reversed.

The only thing we can do is try to slow down and stop the process. The oceans and the forest has been destroyed. While the 4Oceans is there trying to clean the oceans, the other hand there is this company called Ecosia. Ecosia is a search engine like Google and Yahoo! but the creators who builed this system were thinking about the enviroment and decided that the money what they get from the website thanks to the advertisement will be invested in rebuilding the forest and planting trees. So after every 45 search you help planning a tree, and rebuilding the next generations lost future.You can download it to your phone, laptop, tablet for free. So search, to help the youth to have a future.

You can found more information in;

Dear teenage girls

Dear Girls, you beautiful creatures, magical dreamers,
fantastic creators, I want you to know, that you are a matter
It going to be a long talk, the road going to take a long walk
You gonna cry, you gonna smile, fail down, give up and retry

Being ten is adventures
Being eleven is fearless
Being twelve is rebellious
Being thirteen is dangerous
Being fourteen is heartbreaking
Being fifteen is failing
Being sixteen is reborning
Being seventeen is wild-living
Being eighteen is hopefull
Being nineteen is delightful
Being a teenager is word breaking

Dear teenage Girls, they gonna hurt you,
I wish I could take away the pain,
But you never will need it
Every broken heart will make you stronger
Every sleepless night will make you smarter
Every little mistake you do will make you wiser

Teenage life is not like something in the movies
Sometimes it is going to be boring, and lonely,
Hopeless, and you will feel helpless,
But I want you to know:
Every girl you meet in your way is not your enemy,
She is a potential friend
So all the jealousy could end
Cuz, I swear she could be the shoulder to cry on
And you could be the one who is rooting for them

Dear teenage Girls you are the future
And other peoples past will never define you
If they gave you hate, you give them love
Cuz the bullies always the most broken once
If they tell you that you failed, ignore them
Never let yourself be your biggest disappointment

If you make mistakes that is only proves that you are developing
And before you go after love go and learne the meaning of the phrase ‘Self-Loving’
It is a trend word nowadays, but the meaning gets lost
So if you get lost and hate the person who you are might be,
You need to see that it is normal
First, we all go through hell to touch the sky
So please take lipstick and go to the mirror
Draw some line on it,
In the end, you need to see a heart on it
And the special words you wrote on it will be
‘I love me’

Dear Teenage Girls, I still have so much to tell
You need to learn to love you,
It never matters what they say
You need to do lots of mistakes
It will be hard I not gonna lie
But you need to know you can survive

Dear Girls, you are amazing, childless, kind, smart, mad and all so, so, so magical

Fashion diet ???? 🍔❌

“I think if I don’t eat today, I’ll be prettier tomorrow,” says all anorexics, but why do we assume that with gray mindset, that to be beautiful we need to be slim and to be skinny we need to stop eating. Why people fall into the rabbit halo again and again and again, regardless of gender and age? And why are they say starvingly that no, I can’t eat too much, I can’t have another bite, because I read on the net that I going to be prettier if under the name of diet I starve as much as I can.

It is hard to tell since when die is a part of humans life, maybe it has always been, but it is certain that the first diet trend has spread thanks to a book published by William Banting in 1863. Subsequently, there were a lot of strange diet tricks and they became known mainly with the help of Hollywood stars, in most cases these nutritional advice ignored the scientific facts and in the long run they made more harm than good. One of the first fashion-diet was to take arzen tablets, whiche caused side effects like: blindness, liver problems, and death.

Today’s widespread diet trends, unlike the old ones, rely on scientific bases, which is why if it is ultimately wrong, it is harder to prove that they are false than ever before.

One of the big diet trends of the 21st century, known as Beyonce’s “Lemonade Diet”, which contains warm water orange juice, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper,. For example, has proven to be useful in the short term, but in long-run it faild.

Jessica Alba’s ‘Corset Diet’ comes back from the shadow of the past, and since this method literally compresses the internal organs, most doctors would never recommend this method.

Of course, there are a lot of diets that you don’t need to have big names for, such as the Paleo diet, which has been spreading a few years ago, what says “we should eat like cavemen”.

Vegetarians follow a type of diet too, although their decision is more of a spiritual cause, because diet does not necessarily serve to reduce the weight of the human body, but rather to protect the animals.

Then there is the 80/10/10 Diet, according to which 80 percent of our dietary should be a fruit, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat. This is a long process usually it is working eventually, but it takes more months.

The Chewing diet that every snack that you take in your mouth should be chewed at least 32 times before you swallow it. Surprisingly, this strange tactic is working , because this processes tricks our brain and make it belive that we ate more, than we actually did.

Perhaps one of the worst and most useless dietary is the Blue Vision diet that spreads from Japan. The essence of this revolutionary method is that wearing the blue lenses makes the food more disgusting for us, so we prefer to eat less. Should I even say it is not not working?

Lastly, the Blood Group diet is based on the division of diets according to blood groups, because the same diet is not good for different blood type people.

The list slowly come to an end, altoht literally countless number of diets exist, the most useful advice is to get a Dietitian in order to be effective weight loss and personalized healthy regime.

This article were a part of my biography essay


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Aladdin is coming back

I’m sure you already heard about one of the most famous thief in the world who will soon crash into cinemas on May 24th.

Will Smith, Mena massoud, Naomi Scott

Aladdin always was a special Disney movie, showing a whole new world for the audience, and I’m already sure that this movie gonna be fun but the person who enjoyed the most this movie is probebly Will Smith. Watching him acting in these sort seance makes me smile. Maybe in the film Aladdin should be the star, but Genie will stole the spotlight from him, I mean he already did.

What do you think, about the up coming movie?

Did you get lost in Skam remakes too?

  Well, there is no question about that Skam is the most popular European teenage show, what unfortunately ended after only four-season even though it was planned for nine. But the remake fever caught the filmmakers of the old continental too, and instead of starting a risking new story they stuck with this popular one.
  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Skam but seven remakes maybe a little too much. But let’s see … ( This is an updated version)

So the original Skam Norwegian series started at September 15, 2015 and ended after only four seasons in June 24, 2017.

   Then come Skam Italia in 2018, and the storyline is basically the same, but at least they made some changes like: add some new scene and they swapped second and third seasons. First was Eva than Martino (Isak) and now come Eleonora’s (Noora) season.( update: the third season ended in June, it was quite a success people loved it a lot, but the show got cancelled.)


Skam France was the next show that aired, and now it is going with the third season. This show really didn’t change that much for the first two seasons, basically, almost everything was the same, but I haven’t really checked the third season yet so I can’t say much about that, but that seems a little bit colourfull. ( update: the really special thing about Skam France that it stepped out of the original Skam shadow when the show was renewed for another fifth season, what is going to be an absolutely France Skam original, and it will be about Arthur. )



DRUCK Die Serie has two seasons too and they changed Mia’s (Noora) storyline a lot so that was really fresh. It just ended lately on 1 Mar. 2019, and it is official that Matteo’s (Isak) time is coming soon too.  update: Actually it is here, the 3. season just started yesterday night. (if you wanna wacth the episods) ( update: currently the fourth season is running )


 Skam Austin coming with the Grace (Noora) too. Personally, I didn’t expect a season two because they were too quiet too long, but surprise surprise it is coming on March 15th, only on Facebook Watch. (update: Grace’s season ended, and there is really no news about another season)


Skam España is coming with the second season too in March, so basically March is the Skam month.  (update: Skam España changed a lot from the original story, the last season was the Alter Love storyline but from girls perspective. The third season is coming)


And if this many Skam wasn’t enough we have two left so stay with me.
WtFOCK and SkamNL.

  So WtFOCK is the Belgian remake of the show, but here is only one confusing thing about this to me: Skam France says it is actually called “Skam France/Belgique”. But anyways it has one season already and another seacond is coming too. ( update: it seems like the cast is already working on season three, but it not sure)



And The last one is!!! SkamNL what is coming back in March 18th, I told you it is Skam month!!  Honestly I need to admit that I don’t know so much about this show, so I can’t write about this anything else, but many skam fan loves this version. update: The second season is coming.  (update2: it seems like the S.NL ended and no 3 season is coming)

We are finished!!! Can you believe this??! So many Skam but we all know that the original was the best, so maybe that much remake is pontless, cuz I am sure that there are so many amazing story what just waiting for the screen, and we should hear those too.

  Don’t get me wrong I love Skam so much, and I hope I could help you see the Skam universe more clearly.



Who will be the first human on Mars?

Probably the eighteen years old Alyssa Carson, who dreaming about landing in the red planet since she was three. But how her obsession started at such a young age? 

   Well according to her father she saw some kind of kid show about Mars, and then she started her research. She was learning Mars map to know when they gonna land on that planet where they will be.

Her journey with the Nasa began only at the age of seven. When she attended the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and won the camp’s award which attracted the attention of Nasa.

She already was in many Space Camp all over the world, speaks in four languages and know enough about space to can go out already right night. And even though her biography is impressive her mindset is more enthralling. She says, (she said this only age of 13) she knows that one they the solar system will be destroyed and despite we getting to Mars we not going to be saved, but this could be the first step from a long way to get to another solar system. 

So admits that she is excited about the adventure, but primarily has humanitarian goals.

A great dream comes with great sacrifices, they say, at least someone probably saying this a lot, for sure. So what Alyssa need to sacrifices? Family.    What an easy word with a huge meaning behind it, and she need to sacrifice it all for her mission, cuz she never can have one on her own.

One possible outcome of the Mars expedition is that they need to stay on the red planet. Although there is a chance to come back in a few years, but still 2033 it will stay an open question.

Alyssa already has her plans for the next twenty years, and she knows she will land on Mars eventually.