The Queens’ King Rise – Conan Gray

There were many musicians before Conan who were called the Prince of Pop, and because that title is always taken by someone new I wanted to give Conan Gray this title ‘The Queens’ King’ what in my opinion perfectly suits his music, let me tell you why… And if you never heard of him before be prepared because you about to know a new artist who’s music you just will fall for.

Conan Gray with Irish and Japanese heritage, was always an art-kid who started unfurl his wings on youtube, and years later slowly become a signed singer to Republic Records.

Conan perfectly fits into today’s world of music, yet as if he is a colourful spot in the middle of everything. Nowadays, the younger music audience ( including me) wants two things in music; one ‘It needs to be honest’, two ‘It needs to be relatable, most people want to identify with the meaning of the song, many people need to feel that the song is about them, that they were to muse to the lines and words’. Both Crush Culture, Generation Why and This Town meet these criteria perfectly. Then comes Gray’s newer songs, Comfort Crowd and Checkmate, which are besides being fantastic songs; perfectly illustrate the ever-changing nature of everything, we have gone from colourful to darkness and turned from world to love.

I think and hope that at first, Conan’s music will touch you but probably eventually his personality will keep you for the long run. There is this saying that three things are needed to be successful; be really good at what you do, or be on time or be really really kind. And in Conan, two of the three are sure, so I think he is going to rise, so watch out in the World cuz Conan Gray is coming to make you a better place.

And even if it is not the right moment in time for Conan in your life, just keep him in the back of your mind, cuz who knows one day the time can come, when you just gonna stand on the sunlight and his music will be the perfect melody to dance to.

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Angels just keep falling from sky – Billie Eilish Camila Cabello

It is definitely a lucky year for us music lover last month Taylor Swift’s new album got released, this weak Camila Cabello new album was announced what is called Romance and Billie Eilish’s video clip to ‘ all the good girls go to hell’ debuted too.

Billie’s song was already released in March the song is one of the fourteen tracks on her album called ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ I know it seems like there is nothing new here, you already heard the song and it is just a simple video clip but it is not because Billie actually is not one of Lucifers angels here. She is a BIRD, a bird who is stuck in oil, in oil what already killed so many innocent animals and it slowly killing or planet too. Showing us how much we destroying nature already, and while we still standing here strong, telling ourselves how good humans we are, we actually eventually all going to live IN HELL if we do nothing just keep killing the birds. the earth. the future…

Our next amazing musician is Camila Cabello whose new album is coming up soon. Camila already experienced a lot and like all human more she knows less she knows. Her first album was trying, was goodbye, was pain and was a fresh start while right now she picked up her rose coloured glasses and started to look at love from different angles, and while till now she made art right now Camila herself started to become the ART. the painter. the paint. the canvas. the brush.

Shamless is free, refreshing, sexy, brave, wild and just like the title has it, it is shameless…

I’m not gonna LIE I love Camila’s Latin side, it makes you wanna dance all night, or go and fall for strangers kiss all night and then leave them with your memory when the morning comes.

I’m sure this new album gonna be amazing.


Taylor Swift- Lover/ easter egg hunt
Melanie Martinez came back – wierd theorys about K-12
Dear Señorita, we know what you did last summer – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello 💃🏻

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Taylor Swift- Lover/ easter egg hunt

Taylor Swift’s new album will come out just in minutes, she must do something really right because the album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. And before midnight she released a new video clip for Lover, this girl is full of surprises, and she loves easter eggs, so let’s talk about that.

I already wrote about Taylor’s newest song and the surprising connection between Lover and Miley Cyrus Slide away, you can read about that here. So right now I’m only going to talk about the video clip.

Okay first of all this was one of the most beautiful video clip I have ever seen, I mean I didn’t cry but I feel like I could, it is so beautiful.

  1. Joe Alwyn was born in February, and February’s zodiac sign is Pisces and we have a big aquarium in the centre of the bathroom, and you can find pisces on Taylor’s partner suit.

2. You can see T’s cat Benjamin everywhere.

3. There is a woman who is flirting with Swift’s lover and I’m not so sure that it is a coincidence that she looks like Kim Kardashian.

Taylor wrote a song to Joe called New Years Day, and you can see that they celebrating the New Year. Something big must have happened between them in December/January.

5. The Board games.

6. The album house, I was not the one who figured this out.

Probably there are some many more easter egg, but this is all that I found, yet… ( it will be updated)

What do you think about the video clip?

Melanie Martinez came back – wierd theorys about K-12

The crazy queen just gets back in the game, Melanie Martinez’s new album is coming. And this girl basically can rewrite music history. Because she can sing she, write her own music, direct the video clips, and in the end, she always can show us somethings that we never saw before. So let’s see what we know so far, about the new album and what are the theories. 😍🎶🦷

Melanie already started working on this project a while ago, so if it took two years, it must be brilliant, just as much as her other works. The record will be out on September 6, but you can see the full K-12 a day before the release date in certain cinemas.

The film for the album was shot in Hungary Fertőd Castle in last September, what I’m really proud of because I’m Hungarian, so it is really cool. 😍

Flag: Hungary on Apple iOS 12.2

The album has thirteen-track, what is really interesting, because thirteen is well known for being a wicked number, and everybody who ever heard any Martinez song knows that her videos look so special, interesting and a little bit black cursed, so it could be some kind of hidden message. Although I’m probably wrong, cuz September 13 is Friday what could actually give a meaning to this theory. If she releases thirteen songs on Friday, September 13. But she is not going to do that. Sooo thirteen in this case probably a meaningless number, but who knows maybe she meant something with thirteen. 💔

It’s a mystery why the album was named K-12, especially the K letter, but 12 could reflect 2012 the year when she started her carrier in The Voice, or it could reflect for the twelfth month of the year, December when two years ago her scandal erupted. A day is 2×12 hours, and a year is 12 months and in more elevated aspect: there is twelve zodiac sign in both Western and Chinese culture, which according to astrology show our destiny from birth.

So if the 12 in the album title would reflence any of these things that would be cool. 🏹🪒🏺🦁🦂🐍🦀🐟🐂🐏👧🐐 ⚖️

But of course, these are just guesses. What K-12 could refer to? Maybe we can not know it yet, overall I think we’ll know everything when the album finally comes out.

Finally, all I would like to say, that I’m curious to know, what are your theories? Melanie had said a few years ago that all her albums will be connected to each other, what do you think, will that happen?

😇🎹😻🏟️🎶💄🎵💋🎶😍🎤🎩👩‍🎤 😇

ps.: Good luck Melanie ❣️

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Anna Akana – all the Singles

When you think about the word artist or multitalent Anna Akana’s face easy can come in to your mind, because this girl basically knows it all, she is an actress, filmmaker, producer, youtuber who just leatle become a singer too. So let’s see 👀

Anna’s first single debuted in May. The song called Intervention and it is about how much she doesn’t need any Intervention, cuz she is standing strong by herself after everything she’s been through. The music sound what she went for seems like a collage of everything pop-rock-rap-RnB so it is decently very free artwork.


My suggestion is to listen to the song first without watching the video cuz the visual art takes away everything and give a song at least three tries because even I needed time to get used to this sounding.

Her next single was called Alone Together what is a pretty badass name to a song with a clip like this. Brave title brave lyrics brave sounding and singing but with this song Anna still have a way to go, cuz she has a great video with a great message but to me and personally just to me it would be better if she would just sit in front of a piano and just sing, cuz so much going on in the video and in the song’s melodie so we don’t really have time to feel her still evolving vocals.

And last but not least ‘Pretty Girls don’t cry’ what is basically a rap song that really feels like, it was through together in a party where everybody got really high but they still created a song with decent lyrics. The song reminded my Aqua’s Barbie Girl a lot.

All in all, I think there is potential in Anna’s music, though she still has a lot to develop, but she’s on the right track. I really just want to hear her voice with just one instrument.
I think Akana is a great example of letting your creativity fly without boundaries and finally find an audience who has been looking for you all along.

Good luck Anna!

ps.:She is going on tour now.

What do you think about Anna’s music ?

Taylor Swift – THE ARCHER +instagram LIVE

Taylor Swift the Easter-Egg-Queen just told us what number 5 track going to be on her new album Lover.

Swift’s new album will come with four different deluxe album that will include a diary with Taylor’s old memories from her own diary and ever Swifty will be able to write her own story in the book too.

Track 5 ‘The Archer’ is always a really special song because the melodias what have this significant number useally the most meaningfull songs to Taylor. Hayley Kiyoko was the one who show us this easter egg and Swift is really thankfull to her friend for it.

Lover will include 18 songs, and Taylor made it clear so not to get confused The Archer is not a single, she just loves this song so much and wanted to show us.

There was actually an easter egg in ME!, there was a part where we could see Cupidos and that scene was a reflecting to this song.

Taylor Swift was really thankful for all the VMS awards because You Need To Calm Down was nominated for seven awards and ME! was nominated for three awards. 💘

Inspiring music

We all need some help sometimes, and when we can’t turn to people, cuz we feel like others can’t help, or they don’t understand or we just don’t want to speak to all, than we can find help in Music.

What a magical world we actually live in. Someone, somewhere sometime wrote a song, a song what if find us in the right moment, it makes us feel like it is our song, like we wrote it or it is about us, even if it is not true, it feels like it. Music connection those people who can’t get a connection, and make stronger those people who feel like they under a bridge. So if music not magic, I don’t know what is it.

First let’s start with the The Score unstoppable song

Then comes The Script’s where superheroes learn to fly, fly till the Hall of their Dreams.

Well we all know that Christina Aguilera always was a fighter but the way Darren Criss cover the song  maybe make us ( at least me) wanna figth a little more, a little harder, being a little stronger.

And  as long as Darren tries to make  us a fighter, Bea Miller makes us  feel like we are the magic itself,  we just need to open our eyes a little better.

And nowadays listening to the Destiny’s Child relatively old song we still can feel the power what the girls felt when they wrote the song.

And now comes the legend who knows how to stay standing.

Maybe Selena Gomez sweet old song will give us some chance to self-love.

And here comes my favourite song from OneRepublic, what makes me wanna live.

Katy Perries’s song even made to the Olimpia, so it can be in this list too.

Even I know the last two songs not really inspiring but I think right know they belong here.

And we reached the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day!

Sabrina Carpenter wants to stay in her bed with Singular: Act II

The 20 years old singer realized a new music video to her song called ‘ In My Bed’ the cathce melody is a part of her new album Singular: Act II which will be realesed in July 19.

Sabrina resume is pretty impressive; She met with the World only when she was ten years old in the “The Next Miley Cyrus Project” show. Then Brina started acting and she appeared in shows like; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Goodwin Games, Gulliver Quinn, Austin and Ally and of course her great introduction happened in the hit show Girl meets world where she played a beloved character Maya Heart. 🖤

Her first album Eyes Wild Open was her perfect introduction to the music world with songs like; Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, Eyes Wide Open, The Middle of Starting Over. Sabrina’s second album Evolution had an undeniable big hit called ‘Thumbs’. In 2018 November 9, she released her third studio album Singular: Act I whats second part soone will arrive at the finish line, and you will be able to find the new CD in the shops soon.

Carpenter surely loves the ASMR trend too, cuz she made a special video, in the set of her new music video, which I just call the unicorn set cuz it looks so colorful and magical 🦄.


This is the first part of her album. 🎶🦄🎶

Music from Europas heart ðŸ‡­ðŸ‡º

My sweet home hungry, a little country in Europe with great musicians just like any other country, but it easily can happen that you don’t know much about what kind of melodies Hungarian artist creat. So here I’m showing you what we/I listen.

Margaret island 🌼🎶

This amazing band was formed in 2014 and their firth big hit was called Eső what may mean nothing to you but that is how you say rain in Hungarian. The Hungarian island lovers used to write their songs in English but they soon changed the language and added some folk music melody, to create magic like this.


Honeybeast 🍯🐻

Their name perfectly describes the bittersweet feeling of what they leave behind. Every of there song has a special message, it is like a hot tea used ingredient like honesty, irony, sarcasm, reality and salted with the truth. After we drank this poison, it just makes us want to drink more.


Follow the Flow 🎹🥁

The band was formed in 2016 and just in a Thanos snap, become a beloved band, which has already taken home an MTV Europe Music Award.



Quimby is like a funny honest friend with deep thoughts. That’s it, this is the one that you will like especially if you understand the language. 😜


Tóth Gabi/Tatova👩‍🎤💪

She is the wild child of Hungarian music, always try something new, something that you weren’t expected.


Soulwave 🎶🎸

Soulwave is not the band, what really needs any kind of explanation, their name is more meaningful than my words could be.


Peet Project👨‍🎤🤘

This is a Pop-Funk-Jazz surprise band because it not that famous in Hungary but better know around the world, it is alright if you haven’t heard about them yet, but give the guys a little more time, and take your chance to listen to their killer song.


Freddie 🇭🇺🎤

Here we come Freddie, here we come… He represented the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. He sings in English as well as Hungarian, and I think he has a were unique voice.


Majka 🍾 🎧

Majka is Majka, that is it! He is probably the most successful musician in the little country.


Rúzsa Magdolna 💄🌷

Magdolna is our summer girl, the one, whose songs, will make you feel like everything is alright, cuz you are the right place at the right time.🌅

ps.: I know that Hungary not exactly Europas heart ❤️  
but this is my article 😜
and I'm curious about your opinion 😘