Movie secrets 🎥 : Secret noises in movies, what are needed but you don’t know about them.

The world of filmmakers is full of secrets. In the 20s the earlier days of cinema, only silent films were played. But that all changed thanks to new inventions and now we can listen to our Tv all day long. It’s a well-known fact that animated movies are all synchronized and Tv shows are translated into different languages, but maybe even you didn’t know that background noises are also synced separately.

For example, when you hear a dog walking or noises of shoe steps, those noises were recorded afterward by Foley Artists. Post-production needed as well when on-site audio recording failed, say at a cafe scene where the conversation needs to be re-recorded because the floor crackled under the cameraman walking around the table. Of course, nowadays, thanks to the multi-genres, it is often necessary to produce non-existent sounds that are used in different movies, for example in Fantasy.

A Tv-drama show about cooking shows the process of added background noises.

And what does a Foley Artist studio looks like?

Well, the most important thing is to have different walking surfaces. A half and a half meter of asphalt, concrete, parquet, tiles, sand, gravel and earth in a box so that walking on them can be reproduced quickly. Studios need a large space to comfortably reproduced movements. Floyd Artists need a big screen, to see the scenes perfectly. Then, from the computer keyboard to the rubber ball, to the gloves, to the bag, there are all sorts of stuff they can use to make noises. It’s best to have the studio in the household if it is possible.

Little works could be down in minutes. A bigger project like an animation movie takes four weeks, but obviously, an animated film is much more complicated, there you have to do all the sounds from start to finish. A movie takes about ten days if you prepare thoroughly, go through the movie multiple times, get the supplies, and plan an order in which you record the scenes.

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Summer is here!!! So let’s stay figure out what to watch on Netflix? 🏄☀️🏊

2020 summer come with lot of drama and stress. Hopefully everybody is well and safe and because the streaming network was always associate with relaxing, I mean we ourselves say a lot the term ‘Netflix and Chill’, so here I collected some chilling, calling funny or exacting shows, mainly about normal people.

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Love 101

The Turkeys series follows the life of a bunch of rulebreakers, who are fighting for their beloved teacher to stay in school. If the teacher moves to another city, the headmaster will kick them all out, so the four students need to find a way, to make her stay, and for that plan to work, they need Isik’s help too.

Sweet Magnolias 

The Netflix show based on the Sherryl Woods book series. It tells the story of three women Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue, who decide to open a Spa together in their idyllic little town called Serenity. Sweet Magnolias is truly a feel-good Netflix show, little like Gilmore Girls.


The amazing German series third season is coming, and if you missed the first season it’s time for you to catch up. At the beginning of the story only one boy went missing, but when the second one goes missing, Jonas whose fault that Mikkel is gone missing, starts to look for the boys, soon he finds a dark, dark world around himself.


Maniac is magical, immersive, and beautiful. The two main characters Annie and Owen are played by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial for a drug that will, they’re assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems permanently. Things do not go as planned.

I copied the last two sentence of Maniac text from Maniac imdb page.

The Politician 

People always say to dream big, fight and win, so in the end, is it matters at all if you pushed down a couple of hundred people on the way to the top? Payton Hobart has known since age seven that he’s going to be President of the United States. But first, he needs to be elected to be the student president of, Saint Sebastian High School. The big question is not who wins the election, but what is gonna happen after the election.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a British sitcom created and written by Lisa McGee. It is set in Derry, Nortern Ireland  in the 1990s.The sorty shows the personal exploits of a 16-year-old girl and her family and friends during the Troubles.

Grace and Frankie

This show feels so warm it was by the co-creator of Friends, Netflix original comedy GRACE AND FRANKIE stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two women who form an unlikely bond after their husbands reveal they are gay and leave them for each other.

High seas

The High seas is a Spanish mystery series. It follows the story of two sisters Eva and Carolina, who are on the way to Brazil to start a new life after a family tragedy. On the ship, a girl dies but the real question is not that who killed the girl, but who is the actual victim?

Cable Girls

Lidia get lost on a train station went she was a child and spent a few months in prison on a false accusation. Everything was hard for her but life made her strong, and she is craving full independence, and power to control her own life. Throughout her fight for survival, she is brought together with four women through their work as telephone operators.

The best Hungarian Tv shows for teens

Everybody loves Tv shows especially teenagers, and just because the most known series are all in English; like Riverdale, The 100, Skin or Pretty Little Liars; that doesn’t mean that little Europian countries can’t make great shows. If you already read any of my articles, you probably have noticed that my English is not that good and that is because it’s only my second language and actually Hungarian is my first. That is why I thought it would be great to talk about good Hungarian Tv shows for teens, so let’s start…

Remek kép az Egynyári kaland 4. évadjából

Egy nyári kaland / Summer Adventure or Near to the lake

The youth mini-series follows the adventures of six newly graduated student – three girls and three boys – at Lake Balaton. How hard it is to find ourselves in this world? How to get a job and how to keep it? What are some people never fall in love with?
Personally, this is my and many people’s favorite Hungarian tv shows, so if you can give it a chance.

available here :

A tanár / The teacher

School is hard not just for the student but for the teachers as well. ‘Kids are annoying’ say the teachers but most students thinks the exact opposite of that and teachers seem to like the annoying one most of the time. The school sometimes seems like a never-ending war, but The Teacher tries to found the balance while messing almost everything up. This show based on the german ‘Der Lehrer’.

Oltári csajok / Glorious Girls

Glorious Girls It is a romantic telenovela filmed in Budapest. The series follows the story of the Forester/Erdész sisters, three young women looking for happiness, success, and love. The middle daughter of the family, Hajnal, is getting married, but her engagement night ends in a disaster when she finds out his groom’s secret. Angéla the oldest sister is fighting for her business dreams. And last but not least the series shows Piros’s life how the little princess of the family tries to find her happiness.

Csak színház és más semmi / Just Theatre and nothing else

What is behind the red curtains and spotlight? A cold war zone with intrigue, love and jealousy, professional envy on and off-stage.
A play writer who can’t write, the Theatre director who is trying to save the Theatre no matter the price, a famous diva and her husband are in their divorce process.
New stars rise and old lover come back to meet again between the walls of the Theatre. You can see everything from the rehearsal to premiere. The show most go on, no matter the price.
Personally I think that this is one of the best Hungarian series, so if you can check it out.

available here :

I hope you will check some of them and have a nice day!

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The best Hungarian Tv shows

If you read one of my articles already you must have seen that my english is not that good and that is because it is my second language and actually Hungarian is my mother language. So I thought why not write an article about really great Hungarian Tv shows, these selected few are not necessarily my favourite shows. Later on there will be an article about ‘The best Hungarian Tv shows for teenagers’ too.

Aranyélet / Golden Life is probably our best known series it is about a successful businessman with a seemingly perfect family. His wife volunteers a lot to help the homeless people, his daughter is a perfect student and even his son the family’s black sheep, has potential to be great. BUT and there is always a but. The only reason they can live like this cuz Miklósi Attila the head of the family, participates in minor and major crimes. When Miklósi decides he wants to be a good person, the idyll soon fades into darkness. available here

Csak színház és más semmi / Just Theatre and nothing else What is behind the red curtains and spotlight? A cold war zone with intrigue, love and jealousy, professional envy on and off-stage.
A play writer who can’t write, the Theatre director who is trying to save the Theatre no matter the price, a famous diva and her husband are in their divorce process.
New stars rise and old lover come back to meet again between the walls of the Theatre. You can see everything from the rehearsal to premiere. The show most go on, no matter the price.
Personally I think that this is one of the best Hungarian series, so if you can check it out.

available here :

A Társas játék / When Shall We Kiss Some days, it would be better not to get up and when a careless cyclist hits Léna, the ambitious young creative director, feels just like that. David, the once aspiring, successful marketing guru who is now a proud bike shop owner, can’t feel the same way, it is a great day for him, cuz although the girl can’t remember they once were classmates and David was in love with her.
After the accident there first date ends in disaster and everything ends before anything really could start.
It seems like in Budapest everybody is looking for love and everybody runs away from love at the same time but inside the old houses in the city there is more opportunity than meets the eye at first. available here

A mi kis falunk / Our little village The series shows the hilarious everyday life of a small village with amusing characters like the fish-lover-businessman mayor, his cultural warrior assistant, a bodybuilder priest and his veterinarian father who is the doctor in the neighborhood. A sexy bartender, blockhead policeman and a playboy football coach. available here: ,

Terápia /  IN TREATMENT shows the hidden side of psychotherapy , the story focuses on the charming psychologist, András and his five patients. On Mondays András’ old patient Laura arrives and ask for help about her sex problems; on Tuesdays the alpha male high-ranking businessman, Matthew visits. Every Wednesday, the 16-year-old gymnast Zsófi comes for therapy; and on Thursdays, the couple visits the clinic. On Fridays, András visits his former teacher and mentor, Ágnes to ask for help. It soon turns out that the seemingly successful and happy father of two is tormented by internal insecurities. available here

Válótársak / Divorce partners Thought you were happily married but suddenly you receive the divorce papers. Three freshly single guys’, a real-estate agent, a mechanic and a businessman move together to the same house in Budapest, whilst each of them tries to fix his relationship with the ex.

Korhatáros szerelem / Age-restricted love Families come in all shapes and sizes Dávid, a 24-year-old finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams and her three kids. The show is a light-hearted, feel-good family drama which demonstrates one of the realities of modern life – that families come in all different shapes and sizes. In this series, home is where the heart is – even if that home is crammed full of kids, teenagers, ex-mother-in-laws and hangers-on. source

Munkaügyek / The Office A dysfunctional office faces hilarious obstacles in this Hungarian rendering of “The Office”

Ízig-vérig / Cook and Blood It is a well-known saying to never change on a winning team! András and Éva were winning team. A brilliant chef and an experienced store manager created one of the best restaurants in the country. The couple has become a true gastronomic legend. But what happens if a third person enters the game?

After Harry Potter – THE CAST – 2.👓⚡

We all get lost in J.K.Rowling wizard world thank to her world-famous book series Harry Potter. Roxford provide itself to be that interesting and successful, even filmmakers were interested in it, so in 2001 the Gryffindor students debuted in the big screen, and the first magical story was followed by seven other. Thanks to the movies we had the chance to meet with several talented actors, but their stories didn’t end after the You-Know-Who’s death, so let’s look at them, where are they now?

Bonnie Wright – Ginny Weasley / James and Oliver Phelps – Fread and George Weasley

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter / Emma Watson -Hermione Gringer / Rupert Grint – Ron Weasley‎

After Harry Potter - THE CAST - 1.👓⚡
After Harry Potter – THE CAST – 1.👓⚡

The most beloved dads on YouTube

Delightful and fun are the two perfect words to describe Rob Kenney and Jordan Watson, the creator of kids’ and new dads favourite Youtube channels.

Jordan is already an old sailor on the Seas of YouTube, he’s been making videos for four years and published a book called “How to DAD” in 2016. His mainly fun but useful videos charmed many peoples heart through the years already.

He is a proud father of three girls, and the two youngest children especially the second born was/were the main star in his earlier videos.

 In the other hand Rob started his Channel thanks to the pandemic. Rob was an abandoned child and at the age of fourteen he moved in with his older brother in a mobile home.

Now he is the father of two grown up kids , and with this free time ( cuz of the virus) he decided to open a Youtube Channel and create “how-to” vlogs to help youngsters  learn everyday  necessities, like ‘How to Tie a Tie’ or ‘How to change a tire’.

And why is he such a big success, you may ask? In one hand he is a fantastic teacher, on the other hand human nature makes us look for a great father figure all the time and even thought Rob himself said, that he is not a perfect father, for many viewers he is a father of their dreams. What’s help Rob have a stronger connection with his audience.

I hope you like Rob’s and Jordan’s videos and learn from them a lot.


cover image was photographed by LAWRENCE SMITH

Not so ordinary models part 2

Once we already talked about really special looking models, people who couldn’t just fit in with their extraordinary look. In the previous article, most of them were born with their unusual look, while some of the following models have changed by choose.

Alex Minsky

Alex was an American Marine who lost his right foot during the war in Afghanistan and because of that he spent 58 days in a coma, then retired. The war veteran started working out in a Los Angeles gym for a full recovery and met his first photographer he thought he was just a pushy guy, who fallt for him, but Alex turned out to be wrong. The pictures of him went viral and the ex-soldier, now a well-know model and he’s got a New York fashion week behind him.

Jilian Mercado

Jillian is a fashion blogger and model girl with muscular dystrophy who lives her day in a weelhchair. She started as a campaign face for Diesel, and only a year later she got signed to a world-wide model agency, IMG. She claims she accomplished everything thanks to her positive attitude, as she was already using the “dare to dream big or go home” motto during the Diesel campaign.

Rick Genest

Rick Genest, known as Zombie Boy. At the age of 16, he got the very first tattoo of his life, what was a skull on his left shoulder. At the age of 20, he met tattoo artist Frank Lewis and has since done all his tattoos. It took six years to complete and create the tattoos that covered his entire body, costing $ 17,000. In March 2010, a Facebook fan page was created for Zombie Boy’s fantastic tattoo. More than one and a half million people followed the site, and the page was discovered by Lady Gaga’s fashion designer. Nicola contacted with Rick and this is how the he got a role in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video. He also appeared in Vogue Hommes Japan, Style, Tattoo, and Slave magazine and participated in an advertising campaign promoting a foundation. In 2012, he even got a small role in Keanu Reeves’ movie; 47 Ronin. With the involvement of a toy company, Rick released even limited edition dolls of him. Unfortunately Rick Genest passed away in 2018.

Rebekah Marine

Rebekah Marine wished to be a model since she was a little child and nothing could stop her not even the fact that she was born without a right forearm. Her mother took her to auditions, but she was rejected everywhere, saying she had no future in the business, but as a magical turn at the age of 22, Rebekah received a bionic arm, which gave her hope and confidence, and re-embarked on the realization of her big dreams and set off on the rugged path of modelling. At the age of 28, she was a model at New York Fashion Week. Rebekah also became the face of Touch Bionics, a company specializing in bionic artificial limbs and she was the face of the Lucky Fin Project too. Now she’s fighting to appear on Vogue. And a few months ago Rebekah became a proud mother to her son Jackson.

Andrej Pejić

Andrej Pejić, now known as Andreja, is a transgender model who until four years ago was known as a male and female model. Born in Serbia, Andrei emigrated to Australia with his family, where he was discovered by his first agent. Although at first he was predicted to be only a male runway model, but eventually the female market accepted him as well. Working with Andreja really worth it to the Fashion Houses, as they get practically two for the price of a model. The success find Andreja in 2011 as she was voted one of the 100 sexiest women in the world by Americans. Of course, when it turned out that this extremely sexy woman was actually a guy, the voters were a little overwhelmed. In 2014, Pejic decided to live his life as a transgender woman. Since then, she has been featured in Vogue’s May 2015 issue, and her career has continued to rise. Andrea’s current dream is to join the Victria’s Secret angel once.

Not so ordinary models part 1 – previous article

Not so ordinary models

We all see model perfectly posing everywhere we go, they all really beautiful, and all look similar, but right now we should talk about the diordinary models, the special ones, the different ones, the scary ones. At firths, they were called ugly, but the couldn’t change so they changed the world around them and now they all considered as beautiful.

Madeline Stuart

The 22-year-old girl with down-syndrome is now known and loved by hundreds of thousands. Madeline had a childhood dream was to become a model. Her dream came true at the age of 18: Madeline was asked to wear Manifesta’s fitness suit and be there campaign face. The Australian girl needed to lose 19 pounds for the jobs, which she happylie did, and itt was a really great move from her, cuz not much after the sport campaign she was given a chance to perform at the New York Fashion Week. Since then Madeline been asked by many famous magazines and brands for a photoshoot. She is a game changer in every way and hpefull we will she her more and more in campaign.

” World’s 1st Super model with D.S, NO.1 game changer FORBES mag, walked the past 6 seasons NYFW, PFW, LFW. ”

Shaun Ross

Probably many of you are familiar with his face, yes he is 28 years old Shaun Ross and why did he become so famous? Not only because he is an African-American albino, but also because his facial bone is more asymmetrical than usual. He started his career at 16 and since then you could see him in Vogue Italian, British-GQ, Paper and Another Man, but has also appeared in Kathy Perry’s, Beyonce’s and Lana Del Rey’s video clips, and even launched his own campaign called InMySkinIWin, what was about self-love and imperfection, with incredible success. This year Ax also chose it as the face of advertising. Lately, Shaun started singing.

Winnie Harlow

Shaun’s good friend, Winnie Harlow the Canadian beauty was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of four, the disease caused her skin to lose its melanin content and white spots started appearing on her body. As a child, she was bullied a lot, her schoolmates called her a cow, and because of her constant mockery, she was considering suicide. Winnie changed schools many times. Finally, her facebook page changed her life, cuz somebody found her pictures and called Winnie to appear in a video clip. After she realized that people truly find her beautiful submitted into Tyra Banks’s America’s Next Top Model show, and though she soon fell out, she still gained a huge reputation. Since then, Harlow has inspired and superstitious dozens of photographers. She was chosen to be Desigual’s face some years ago. Winnie also joined Shaun’s InMySkinIWin campaign.

Erika Ervin ( Eve)

Erika Ervin, with her ‎6 ft 8 3⁄4 in, she is the tallest female model in the world. Erika started her modelling career on the front page of Zoo Weekly magazine. She has also worked as an assistant and personal trainer. Eve was always tall as a child, by the age of 14, she had grown above her classmates and teachers. Over the next 5 years, Eve’s growth was terribly painful, and only stopped at age 19 and reached its present height 2,05 m. Eve was discovered in 2009, as an actress, she received smaller and larger roles in the American Horror Story. And in 2011, she was included in the Guinness World Records, as the highest model.

Melanie Gaydos

Melanie Gaydos thanks to herself and her persistence, found a way to break into the high fashion world, despite the fact that most agencies said ‘no’ to her. The real change in her life happened when moved to New York to study arts. Melanie met many artists, and many of them asked her to set model for them. The first few photos quickly revealed that he had a serious affinity for posing, and the photographers were amazed by her work ethic, so she decided to try to make the most out of modelling. She starred in Rammstein’s ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ clip, and has been d photographed in Europe, Mexico and the Americas. The real breakthrough didn’t happen, because unlike photographers, agencies repeatedly refused to work with her, but it is there lost, not Melanie’s because she is doing a really great job managing herself. And judging by her follower on facebook and Instagram people wanna see her, and her sweet personality just shines through many of her pictures.

Legacies season 2 – what we know so far

After a very successful first season of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, CW renewed the show for another season, which is set to premiere on October 10, 2019.

In my opinion, the show was perfectly written cuz even if you never followed TVD or The Originals you still could easily enjoy every episode and follow the storyline without getting lost, everything was adventures but still simple and everybody could found themselves represented in the characters if that is what they were looking for.

The Legacies ended with a really surprising and brave twist what we never saw coming and the season finale left us with many quotes and now maybe we have some answers.

According to Julia Plec after the youngest Mikelson disappears the world not going to be as hopeless as it was in the tenth episode because in this world Hope effected the characters greatly and their personalities not going to change, but still, nobody will remember her. Klaus’s daughter will find herself someplace in Malivore ( it will be like the one place made for Kai in TVD) and probably she will be stuck there with Landon’s brother Ryan.

As for the twins, this will be an adventurous season for them as well. Merge curse will be hard to swallow for both of them, and they will handle things differently, while Jossie will help Alaric to find a solution, Lizzie will go to her mother in Europe and we will see some daughter mother moment for sure as it confirmed that Caroline coming back as a guest star. Also, Lizzie’s personality will change the most since Hope is gone.

Mr. Saltzman not going to be the school headmaster anymore and their successor may see the kids and their powers differently. The twins father not going to stay jobless, cuz he will be the principal of Mystic Fall High. As for Alaric’s love life, he will fell for the town’s new sheriff ( who is a single mom with two kids).

Landon will be a little bit lost and confused, and way more popular that he ever was before cuz everybody thinks that he destroyed Malivore by himself. About his newfound power, Aria Shahghasemi said ‘I’m so good at dying, all I can do is die really well.’. It seems like the Hopeless world not going to so loveless for him because, in the first episodes, he will develop a feeling for someone new.

Rafael probably never will be the same since he will stay a wolf for so long and it messed up Hayles mind to in The Original, but Rafael is just a teenager so it will effect him more.

We talked about the new season old characters so let’s talk about new once.

Lizzie’s new love interest Sebastian will be portrayed by Thomas Doherty, and he promised to be a little like Damen Salvatore. The air will glow between the new vampire and M.G., not necessarily in a good way.

It seems like maybe we will have two new vampire in Salvatore high, cuz Kaleb’s sister will be introduced us too.

And to have enough sibling on the screen just for sure, Pedro’s little brother will magic himself into our heart. Of course, we can’t leave Hope out of the party, and even if she can never have siblings, a sister and a brother will fight for her attention at some point in time.

As for the love part, the show creators promised it to be complicated, there will be so many an unexpected turn. There will be a lot of drama. The weekly monster formula will stay, and we will have an evil Santa and Cupid too. This season will be 20 episodes, and hopefully this season will be amazing too.

Rating: 10 out of 10.