Taylor and Miley on the opposite side in their new songs

It is so easy to fall in and out of love, all we need is a moment to realize that we are in love, that we felt for somebody, that we can’t breathe without that special body and it goes in the other way too, we need a minute to realize that we are not happy anymore next to somebody who seems more like just a body sometimes without a soul.

It is very interesting that Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus come out with a new song on the same day, the same hour, and yet still they speak of two completely opposite emotional states.

Taylor’s song is about love, and maybe marriage, it is a happy song what comes after the falling part, in these lines she already in love for a longer time. Here love is more like a safety net, she assumes it will be forever, that this he is the one, and hopefully she is right.

It is a beautifull song, by the way ❤️

Miley’s song is about the end. You do not even fight here anymore, cuz you know you tried, both of you. You (She) know you love him, you know he loves you, and still, it never could have worked, even if you thought it could, you did everything so the last thing you need to know is to let it go. And you let it go…

I love her voice 💔

There is an other interesting thing about this two art peace: Taylor’s song was announced, we know it was coming,(she was talking about Lover a lot of course the album coming out soon). While the Miley’s song was not announced weeks before, probably cuz she wrote it just now. And it was not promoted.

This coincidence perfectly represents love in the modern age of social media. When we are in love we want everbody to know about it , we post, we speak about the other one all the time, but when the fire went out and the forest burnt down and we are left alone, we no longer want attention, all we want is a little time to ourselves.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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