Legacies season 2 – what we know so far

After a very successful first season of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, CW renewed the show for another season, which is set to premiere on October 10, 2019.

In my opinion, the show was perfectly written cuz even if you never followed TVD or The Originals you still could easily enjoy every episode and follow the storyline without getting lost, everything was adventures but still simple and everybody could found themselves represented in the characters if that is what they were looking for.

The Legacies ended with a really surprising and brave twist what we never saw coming and the season finale left us with many quotes and now maybe we have some answers.

According to Julia Plec after the youngest Mikelson disappears the world not going to be as hopeless as it was in the tenth episode because in this world Hope effected the characters greatly and their personalities not going to change, but still, nobody will remember her. Klaus’s daughter will find herself someplace in Malivore ( it will be like the one place made for Kai in TVD) and probably she will be stuck there with Landon’s brother Ryan.

As for the twins, this will be an adventurous season for them as well. Merge curse will be hard to swallow for both of them, and they will handle things differently, while Jossie will help Alaric to find a solution, Lizzie will go to her mother in Europe and we will see some daughter mother moment for sure as it confirmed that Caroline coming back as a guest star. Also, Lizzie’s personality will change the most since Hope is gone.

Mr. Saltzman not going to be the school headmaster anymore and their successor may see the kids and their powers differently. The twins father not going to stay jobless, cuz he will be the principal of Mystic Fall High. As for Alaric’s love life, he will fell for the town’s new sheriff ( who is a single mom with two kids).

Landon will be a little bit lost and confused, and way more popular that he ever was before cuz everybody thinks that he destroyed Malivore by himself. About his newfound power, Aria Shahghasemi said ‘I’m so good at dying, all I can do is die really well.’. It seems like the Hopeless world not going to so loveless for him because, in the first episodes, he will develop a feeling for someone new.

Rafael probably never will be the same since he will stay a wolf for so long and it messed up Hayles mind to in The Original, but Rafael is just a teenager so it will effect him more.

We talked about the new season old characters so let’s talk about new once.

Lizzie’s new love interest Sebastian will be portrayed by Thomas Doherty, and he promised to be a little like Damen Salvatore. The air will glow between the new vampire and M.G., not necessarily in a good way.

It seems like maybe we will have two new vampire in Salvatore high, cuz Kaleb’s sister will be introduced us too.

And to have enough sibling on the screen just for sure, Pedro’s little brother will magic himself into our heart. Of course, we can’t leave Hope out of the party, and even if she can never have siblings, a sister and a brother will fight for her attention at some point in time.

As for the love part, the show creators promised it to be complicated, there will be so many an unexpected turn. There will be a lot of drama. The weekly monster formula will stay, and we will have an evil Santa and Cupid too. This season will be 20 episodes, and hopefully this season will be amazing too.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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