Angels just keep falling from sky – Billie Eilish Camila Cabello

It is definitely a lucky year for us music lover last month Taylor Swift’s new album got released, this weak Camila Cabello new album was announced what is called Romance and Billie Eilish’s video clip to ‘ all the good girls go to hell’ debuted too.

Billie’s song was already released in March the song is one of the fourteen tracks on her album called ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ I know it seems like there is nothing new here, you already heard the song and it is just a simple video clip but it is not because Billie actually is not one of Lucifers angels here. She is a BIRD, a bird who is stuck in oil, in oil what already killed so many innocent animals and it slowly killing or planet too. Showing us how much we destroying nature already, and while we still standing here strong, telling ourselves how good humans we are, we actually eventually all going to live IN HELL if we do nothing just keep killing the birds. the earth. the future…

Our next amazing musician is Camila Cabello whose new album is coming up soon. Camila already experienced a lot and like all human more she knows less she knows. Her first album was trying, was goodbye, was pain and was a fresh start while right now she picked up her rose coloured glasses and started to look at love from different angles, and while till now she made art right now Camila herself started to become the ART. the painter. the paint. the canvas. the brush.

Shamless is free, refreshing, sexy, brave, wild and just like the title has it, it is shameless…

I’m not gonna LIE I love Camila’s Latin side, it makes you wanna dance all night, or go and fall for strangers kiss all night and then leave them with your memory when the morning comes.

I’m sure this new album gonna be amazing.


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