The magic of art : in Chinese zodiac sight 🇨🇳 🐉🎨

There was always something magical in the stars, maybe the way they shine caught our eyes or maybe the fact that they are so untouchable still reachable or maybe we just fall in love with the spectacular map what they show as on the sky. I don’t know that much about stars but one thing is sure, that they lead us, define us, or show a part of us what we never saw before. So there is magic on the dark sky, there is magic in the bright stars, and there is magic in the hands which just drew these painting below, there is magic in TatiMoons art, which just shows us another part of the sky. ✨

To understand why zodiac sight got named after these animals first we need to know the origin story. The night before Chinese New Year all the animals were preparing for The Great Race the Jade Emperor ruler of the heavens called for all the creatures to participate in a race. He decided the people of China needed a way to measure time in twelve-year increments so the first 12 winners each win the honor of getting a year named after them…

I learned myself as well a lot about chinese zodiac while I was writing this article so here comes my sources: hungarian-chinese-zodiac chinese-zodiac chinese-zodiac-explaned the myth story of the c.-z.

Horoscope art and fairy dust

Art is like a little fairy dust in our everyday life. When we look at these miraculous things made by paint line, they make us feel that magic is real, and Peter Pan can appear in our window any moment to teach us to fly.

Well know may you think that fairy dust has nothing to do with horoscopes and I need to say you are right. But after you say these beautiful paintings by Tatimoons, you will probably understand… or not 😜

Aquarius: January 21. – February 19.
Pisces: February 20. – March 20.
Aries: March 21. – April 20.
Bull: April 21. – May 21.
Twins: May 22. – June 21.
Cancer: June 22. – July 22.
Lion: July 23. – August 23.
Virgo: August 24. – September 22.
Libra: September 23. – October 23.
Scorpio: October 24. – November 22.
Sagittarius: November 23. – December 21.
Capricorn: December 22. – January 20.

So what do you think? Tatimoons has magical hands?