Inspiring music

We all need some help sometimes, and when we can’t turn to people, cuz we feel like others can’t help, or they don’t understand or we just don’t want to speak to all, than we can find help in Music.

What a magical world we actually live in. Someone, somewhere sometime wrote a song, a song what if find us in the right moment, it makes us feel like it is our song, like we wrote it or it is about us, even if it is not true, it feels like it. Music connection those people who can’t get a connection, and make stronger those people who feel like they under a bridge. So if music not magic, I don’t know what is it.

First let’s start with the The Score unstoppable song

Then comes The Script’s where superheroes learn to fly, fly till the Hall of their Dreams.

Well we all know that Christina Aguilera always was a fighter but the way Darren Criss cover the song  maybe make us ( at least me) wanna figth a little more, a little harder, being a little stronger.

And  as long as Darren tries to make  us a fighter, Bea Miller makes us  feel like we are the magic itself,  we just need to open our eyes a little better.

And nowadays listening to the Destiny’s Child relatively old song we still can feel the power what the girls felt when they wrote the song.

And now comes the legend who knows how to stay standing.

Maybe Selena Gomez sweet old song will give us some chance to self-love.

And here comes my favourite song from OneRepublic, what makes me wanna live.

Katy Perries’s song even made to the Olimpia, so it can be in this list too.

Even I know the last two songs not really inspiring but I think right know they belong here.

And we reached the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day!

Julia Michaels – Just wanna be f***king happy

Julia’s album called ” Inner Monologue part 1″ was released last month. The album has only six-song, but it is featured with Selena Gomez and Niall Horan.

Mainly the song with Selena Gomez got the biggest attention, called Anxiety. There is really nothing that we can say about this song, cuz the title says everything.

What a time with Niall Horen already has a video clip but without the male main singer. They performed it in The Late Late Show with James Corden. And I’m sure about that if you have a broken heart by love this will be a song what you gonna love, and it is worth to listen.

And now today just some hour ago a new clip come to light to the song called Happy. The video pretty simple but still immersive, and the song makes us feel nothing but a big desire to be happy. Just be happy. Cuz we all just wanna be f***king happy!