Movie secrets 🎥 : Secret noises in movies, what are needed but you don’t know about them.

The world of filmmakers is full of secrets. In the 20s the earlier days of cinema, only silent films were played. But that all changed thanks to new inventions and now we can listen to our Tv all day long. It’s a well-known fact that animated movies are all synchronized and Tv shows are translated into different languages, but maybe even you didn’t know that background noises are also synced separately.

For example, when you hear a dog walking or noises of shoe steps, those noises were recorded afterward by Foley Artists. Post-production needed as well when on-site audio recording failed, say at a cafe scene where the conversation needs to be re-recorded because the floor crackled under the cameraman walking around the table. Of course, nowadays, thanks to the multi-genres, it is often necessary to produce non-existent sounds that are used in different movies, for example in Fantasy.

A Tv-drama show about cooking shows the process of added background noises.

And what does a Foley Artist studio looks like?

Well, the most important thing is to have different walking surfaces. A half and a half meter of asphalt, concrete, parquet, tiles, sand, gravel and earth in a box so that walking on them can be reproduced quickly. Studios need a large space to comfortably reproduced movements. Floyd Artists need a big screen, to see the scenes perfectly. Then, from the computer keyboard to the rubber ball, to the gloves, to the bag, there are all sorts of stuff they can use to make noises. It’s best to have the studio in the household if it is possible.

Little works could be down in minutes. A bigger project like an animation movie takes four weeks, but obviously, an animated film is much more complicated, there you have to do all the sounds from start to finish. A movie takes about ten days if you prepare thoroughly, go through the movie multiple times, get the supplies, and plan an order in which you record the scenes.

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Legacies season 2 – what we know so far

After a very successful first season of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, CW renewed the show for another season, which is set to premiere on October 10, 2019.

In my opinion, the show was perfectly written cuz even if you never followed TVD or The Originals you still could easily enjoy every episode and follow the storyline without getting lost, everything was adventures but still simple and everybody could found themselves represented in the characters if that is what they were looking for.

The Legacies ended with a really surprising and brave twist what we never saw coming and the season finale left us with many quotes and now maybe we have some answers.

According to Julia Plec after the youngest Mikelson disappears the world not going to be as hopeless as it was in the tenth episode because in this world Hope effected the characters greatly and their personalities not going to change, but still, nobody will remember her. Klaus’s daughter will find herself someplace in Malivore ( it will be like the one place made for Kai in TVD) and probably she will be stuck there with Landon’s brother Ryan.

As for the twins, this will be an adventurous season for them as well. Merge curse will be hard to swallow for both of them, and they will handle things differently, while Jossie will help Alaric to find a solution, Lizzie will go to her mother in Europe and we will see some daughter mother moment for sure as it confirmed that Caroline coming back as a guest star. Also, Lizzie’s personality will change the most since Hope is gone.

Mr. Saltzman not going to be the school headmaster anymore and their successor may see the kids and their powers differently. The twins father not going to stay jobless, cuz he will be the principal of Mystic Fall High. As for Alaric’s love life, he will fell for the town’s new sheriff ( who is a single mom with two kids).

Landon will be a little bit lost and confused, and way more popular that he ever was before cuz everybody thinks that he destroyed Malivore by himself. About his newfound power, Aria Shahghasemi said ‘I’m so good at dying, all I can do is die really well.’. It seems like the Hopeless world not going to so loveless for him because, in the first episodes, he will develop a feeling for someone new.

Rafael probably never will be the same since he will stay a wolf for so long and it messed up Hayles mind to in The Original, but Rafael is just a teenager so it will effect him more.

We talked about the new season old characters so let’s talk about new once.

Lizzie’s new love interest Sebastian will be portrayed by Thomas Doherty, and he promised to be a little like Damen Salvatore. The air will glow between the new vampire and M.G., not necessarily in a good way.

It seems like maybe we will have two new vampire in Salvatore high, cuz Kaleb’s sister will be introduced us too.

And to have enough sibling on the screen just for sure, Pedro’s little brother will magic himself into our heart. Of course, we can’t leave Hope out of the party, and even if she can never have siblings, a sister and a brother will fight for her attention at some point in time.

As for the love part, the show creators promised it to be complicated, there will be so many an unexpected turn. There will be a lot of drama. The weekly monster formula will stay, and we will have an evil Santa and Cupid too. This season will be 20 episodes, and hopefully this season will be amazing too.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Melanie Martinez came back – wierd theorys about K-12

The crazy queen just gets back in the game, Melanie Martinez’s new album is coming. And this girl basically can rewrite music history. Because she can sing she, write her own music, direct the video clips, and in the end, she always can show us somethings that we never saw before. So let’s see what we know so far, about the new album and what are the theories. 😍🎶🦷

Melanie already started working on this project a while ago, so if it took two years, it must be brilliant, just as much as her other works. The record will be out on September 6, but you can see the full K-12 a day before the release date in certain cinemas.

The film for the album was shot in Hungary Fertőd Castle in last September, what I’m really proud of because I’m Hungarian, so it is really cool. 😍

Flag: Hungary on Apple iOS 12.2

The album has thirteen-track, what is really interesting, because thirteen is well known for being a wicked number, and everybody who ever heard any Martinez song knows that her videos look so special, interesting and a little bit black cursed, so it could be some kind of hidden message. Although I’m probably wrong, cuz September 13 is Friday what could actually give a meaning to this theory. If she releases thirteen songs on Friday, September 13. But she is not going to do that. Sooo thirteen in this case probably a meaningless number, but who knows maybe she meant something with thirteen. 💔

It’s a mystery why the album was named K-12, especially the K letter, but 12 could reflect 2012 the year when she started her carrier in The Voice, or it could reflect for the twelfth month of the year, December when two years ago her scandal erupted. A day is 2×12 hours, and a year is 12 months and in more elevated aspect: there is twelve zodiac sign in both Western and Chinese culture, which according to astrology show our destiny from birth.

So if the 12 in the album title would reflence any of these things that would be cool. 🏹🪒🏺🦁🦂🐍🦀🐟🐂🐏👧🐐 ⚖️

But of course, these are just guesses. What K-12 could refer to? Maybe we can not know it yet, overall I think we’ll know everything when the album finally comes out.

Finally, all I would like to say, that I’m curious to know, what are your theories? Melanie had said a few years ago that all her albums will be connected to each other, what do you think, will that happen?

😇🎹😻🏟️🎶💄🎵💋🎶😍🎤🎩👩‍🎤 😇

ps.: Good luck Melanie ❣️

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Charlie’s Angels back again again again

Charlie honestly the most to be a really lucky guy, cuz he had so many angels through the years such as Daiz, Barrymore, Liu, and more beautiful lady, but now the new squad arrived with Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, Elle Balinska and Charlie needs to come back to the game too.

Before Elizabeth Banks, so many other creatures had the chance to tell this story like Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts who wrote the scene to the original Angels TV show what was broadcast from 1976 to 1981, and it was a mega-hit its own time.

The series was followed almost two decades later with still beloved movies with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. 2000 and 2003 was definitely a box office success for Charlie.

ABC tried to win the audience in 2011 with a reboot series, but it only lived for four episodes, and then it get shut down, probably because people aren’t watching it.


And now in 2019, Elizabeth Banks has the chance to tell a new story about the badass spies which will be theaters this November; Charlie’s Angels have always provided security and investigative skills to private clients. Now the Townsend Agency has expanded internationally with the smartest, fearless, highly-trained women all over the globe: multiple teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys, completing the toughest missions across the globe. When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, these Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.

Aladdin is coming back

I’m sure you already heard about one of the most famous thief in the world who will soon crash into cinemas on May 24th.

Will Smith, Mena massoud, Naomi Scott

Aladdin always was a special Disney movie, showing a whole new world for the audience, and I’m already sure that this movie gonna be fun but the person who enjoyed the most this movie is probebly Will Smith. Watching him acting in these sort seance makes me smile. Maybe in the film Aladdin should be the star, but Genie will stole the spotlight from him, I mean he already did.

What do you think, about the up coming movie?