The most beloved dads on YouTube

Delightful and fun are the two perfect words to describe Rob Kenney and Jordan Watson, the creator of kids’ and new dads favourite Youtube channels.

Jordan is already an old sailor on the Seas of YouTube, he’s been making videos for four years and published a book called “How to DAD” in 2016. His mainly fun but useful videos charmed many peoples heart through the years already.

He is a proud father of three girls, and the two youngest children especially the second born was/were the main star in his earlier videos.

 In the other hand Rob started his Channel thanks to the pandemic. Rob was an abandoned child and at the age of fourteen he moved in with his older brother in a mobile home.

Now he is the father of two grown up kids , and with this free time ( cuz of the virus) he decided to open a Youtube Channel and create “how-to” vlogs to help youngsters  learn everyday  necessities, like ‘How to Tie a Tie’ or ‘How to change a tire’.

And why is he such a big success, you may ask? In one hand he is a fantastic teacher, on the other hand human nature makes us look for a great father figure all the time and even thought Rob himself said, that he is not a perfect father, for many viewers he is a father of their dreams. What’s help Rob have a stronger connection with his audience.

I hope you like Rob’s and Jordan’s videos and learn from them a lot.


cover image was photographed by LAWRENCE SMITH

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