How to save trees by searching the web?

Nowadays many people care about environment protection, and still it seems like tilting at windmills. It dosen’t matter if we select the trash, the damage we caused to earth, hardly can be reversed.

The only thing we can do is try to slow down and stop the process. The oceans and the forest has been destroyed. While the 4Oceans is there trying to clean the oceans, the other hand there is this company called Ecosia. Ecosia is a search engine like Google and Yahoo! but the creators who builed this system were thinking about the enviroment and decided that the money what they get from the website thanks to the advertisement will be invested in rebuilding the forest and planting trees. So after every 45 search you help planning a tree, and rebuilding the next generations lost future.You can download it to your phone, laptop, tablet for free. So search, to help the youth to have a future.

You can found more information in;

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