Dear teenage girls

Dear Girls, you beautiful creatures, magical dreamers,
fantastic creators, I want you to know, that you are a matter
It going to be a long talk, the road going to take a long walk
You gonna cry, you gonna smile, fail down, give up and retry

Being ten is adventures
Being eleven is fearless
Being twelve is rebellious
Being thirteen is dangerous
Being fourteen is heartbreaking
Being fifteen is failing
Being sixteen is reborning
Being seventeen is wild-living
Being eighteen is hopefull
Being nineteen is delightful
Being a teenager is word breaking

Dear teenage Girls, they gonna hurt you,
I wish I could take away the pain,
But you never will need it
Every broken heart will make you stronger
Every sleepless night will make you smarter
Every little mistake you do will make you wiser

Teenage life is not like something in the movies
Sometimes it is going to be boring, and lonely,
Hopeless, and you will feel helpless,
But I want you to know:
Every girl you meet in your way is not your enemy,
She is a potential friend
So all the jealousy could end
Cuz, I swear she could be the shoulder to cry on
And you could be the one who is rooting for them

Dear teenage Girls you are the future
And other peoples past will never define you
If they gave you hate, you give them love
Cuz the bullies always the most broken once
If they tell you that you failed, ignore them
Never let yourself be your biggest disappointment

If you make mistakes that is only proves that you are developing
And before you go after love go and learne the meaning of the phrase ‘Self-Loving’
It is a trend word nowadays, but the meaning gets lost
So if you get lost and hate the person who you are might be,
You need to see that it is normal
First, we all go through hell to touch the sky
So please take lipstick and go to the mirror
Draw some line on it,
In the end, you need to see a heart on it
And the special words you wrote on it will be
‘I love me’

Dear Teenage Girls, I still have so much to tell
You need to learn to love you,
It never matters what they say
You need to do lots of mistakes
It will be hard I not gonna lie
But you need to know you can survive

Dear Girls, you are amazing, childless, kind, smart, mad and all so, so, so magical

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