Anna Akana – all the Singles

When you think about the word artist or multitalent Anna Akana’s face easy can come in to your mind, because this girl basically knows it all, she is an actress, filmmaker, producer, youtuber who just leatle become a singer too. So let’s see 👀

Anna’s first single debuted in May. The song called Intervention and it is about how much she doesn’t need any Intervention, cuz she is standing strong by herself after everything she’s been through. The music sound what she went for seems like a collage of everything pop-rock-rap-RnB so it is decently very free artwork.

My suggestion is to listen to the song first without watching the video cuz the visual art takes away everything and give a song at least three tries because even I needed time to get used to this sounding.

Her next single was called Alone Together what is a pretty badass name to a song with a clip like this. Brave title brave lyrics brave sounding and singing but with this song Anna still have a way to go, cuz she has a great video with a great message but to me and personally just to me it would be better if she would just sit in front of a piano and just sing, cuz so much going on in the video and in the song’s melodie so we don’t really have time to feel her still evolving vocals.

And last but not least ‘Pretty Girls don’t cry’ what is basically a rap song that really feels like, it was through together in a party where everybody got really high but they still created a song with decent lyrics. The song reminded my Aqua’s Barbie Girl a lot.

All in all, I think there is potential in Anna’s music, though she still has a lot to develop, but she’s on the right track. I really just want to hear her voice with just one instrument.
I think Akana is a great example of letting your creativity fly without boundaries and finally find an audience who has been looking for you all along.

Good luck Anna!

ps.:She is going on tour now.

What do you think about Anna’s music ?


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