Taylor Swift – THE ARCHER +instagram LIVE

Taylor Swift the Easter-Egg-Queen just told us what number 5 track going to be on her new album Lover.

Swift’s new album will come with four different deluxe album that will include a diary with Taylor’s old memories from her own diary and ever Swifty will be able to write her own story in the book too.

Track 5 ‘The Archer’ is always a really special song because the melodias what have this significant number useally the most meaningfull songs to Taylor. Hayley Kiyoko was the one who show us this easter egg and Swift is really thankfull to her friend for it.

Lover will include 18 songs, and Taylor made it clear so not to get confused The Archer is not a single, she just loves this song so much and wanted to show us.

There was actually an easter egg in ME!, there was a part where we could see Cupidos and that scene was a reflecting to this song.

Taylor Swift was really thankful for all the VMS awards because You Need To Calm Down was nominated for seven awards and ME! was nominated for three awards. 💘


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