Did you get lost in Skam remakes too?

  Well, there is no question about that Skam is the most popular European teenage show, what unfortunately ended after only four-season even though it was planned for nine. But the remake fever caught the filmmakers of the old continental too, and instead of starting a risking new story they stuck with this popular one.
  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Skam but seven remakes maybe a little too much. But let’s see … ( This is an updated version)

So the original Skam Norwegian series started at September 15, 2015 and ended after only four seasons in June 24, 2017.

   Then come Skam Italia in 2018, and the storyline is basically the same, but at least they made some changes like: add some new scene and they swapped second and third seasons. First was Eva than Martino (Isak) and now come Eleonora’s (Noora) season.( update: the third season ended in June, it was quite a success people loved it a lot, but the show got cancelled.)


Skam France was the next show that aired, and now it is going with the third season. This show really didn’t change that much for the first two seasons, basically, almost everything was the same, but I haven’t really checked the third season yet so I can’t say much about that, but that seems a little bit colourfull. ( update: the really special thing about Skam France that it stepped out of the original Skam shadow when the show was renewed for another fifth season, what is going to be an absolutely France Skam original, and it will be about Arthur. )



DRUCK Die Serie has two seasons too and they changed Mia’s (Noora) storyline a lot so that was really fresh. It just ended lately on 1 Mar. 2019, and it is official that Matteo’s (Isak) time is coming soon too.  update: Actually it is here, the 3. season just started yesterday night. (if you wanna wacth the episods) ( update: currently the fourth season is running )


 Skam Austin coming with the Grace (Noora) too. Personally, I didn’t expect a season two because they were too quiet too long, but surprise surprise it is coming on March 15th, only on Facebook Watch. (update: Grace’s season ended, and there is really no news about another season)


Skam España is coming with the second season too in March, so basically March is the Skam month.  (update: Skam España changed a lot from the original story, the last season was the Alter Love storyline but from girls perspective. The third season is coming)


And if this many Skam wasn’t enough we have two left so stay with me.
WtFOCK and SkamNL.

  So WtFOCK is the Belgian remake of the show, but here is only one confusing thing about this to me: Skam France says it is actually called “Skam France/Belgique”. But anyways it has one season already and another seacond is coming too. ( update: it seems like the cast is already working on season three, but it not sure)


And The last one is!!! SkamNL what is coming back in March 18th, I told you it is Skam month!!  Honestly I need to admit that I don’t know so much about this show, so I can’t write about this anything else, but many skam fan loves this version. update: The second season is coming.  (update2: it seems like the S.NL ended and no 3 season is coming)

We are finished!!! Can you believe this??! So many Skam but we all know that the original was the best, so maybe that much remake is pontless, cuz I am sure that there are so many amazing story what just waiting for the screen, and we should hear those too.

  Don’t get me wrong I love Skam so much, and I hope I could help you see the Skam universe more clearly.




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