Who will be the first human on Mars?

Probably the eighteen years old Alyssa Carson, who dreaming about landing in the red planet since she was three. But how her obsession started at such a young age? 

   Well according to her father she saw some kind of kid show about Mars, and then she started her research. She was learning Mars map to know when they gonna land on that planet where they will be.

Her journey with the Nasa began only at the age of seven. When she attended the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and won the camp’s award which attracted the attention of Nasa.

She already was in many Space Camp all over the world, speaks in four languages and know enough about space to can go out already right night. And even though her biography is impressive her mindset is more enthralling. She says, (she said this only age of 13) she knows that one they the solar system will be destroyed and despite we getting to Mars we not going to be saved, but this could be the first step from a long way to get to another solar system. 

So admits that she is excited about the adventure, but primarily has humanitarian goals.

A great dream comes with great sacrifices, they say, at least someone probably saying this a lot, for sure. So what Alyssa need to sacrifices? Family.    What an easy word with a huge meaning behind it, and she need to sacrifice it all for her mission, cuz she never can have one on her own.

One possible outcome of the Mars expedition is that they need to stay on the red planet. Although there is a chance to come back in a few years, but still 2033 it will stay an open question.

Alyssa already has her plans for the next twenty years, and she knows she will land on Mars eventually.


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